Plugin: Menger Sponge

The Menger Sponge is a 3D fractal. It is constructed by a repetitive process, where each level is built up from subcomponents of the previous level.

Here is the fourth level.  It takes SketchUp about a minute to generate the geometry, and has around 200k faces.

level 4

To download, please visit the Menger Sponge Plugin page.


  1. Woot-woot! You made a fractal plugin! Its fantastic fun...thank you! Even the 4th iteration is almost too much for my little laptop...hehe.

    The only thing I think would make it better is having the component axes at a corner of the main cube instead in the center...this would allow for snapping to another object for placement after its generated.

    But that's minor...the plugin is awesome.

    Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Marcus. I moved the insertion point to a bottom corner. The updated script is at version 1.0.1 now, and can be downloaded from the same link.