Plugin: Keyframe Animation 1.0

This plug-in provides simple, but powerful, object animation in SketchUp.  It will animate the movement of objects between scenes.  All you have to do is assign the position of the objects on each scene. So, the scenes act like key frames.

You can add movement to doors, windows, cars, wheels, gears… you name it.  Create an animation to show how parts are assembled in a construction process.  You can even create complex animations, where objects move in relation to other moving objects.  Best of all, you can export your animation to a movie, directly from SketchUp.

For documentation, demos, and video tutorials, please visit the main Keyframe Animation webpage.


  1. Nice! Animations are an under-developed ability in SketchUp. A decent UI is badly needed. Thanks for all your work.

  2. Just find it..
    Nice i have to do now ...

  3. descargue el plugin y funciona muy bien, es un gran trabajo.

    solo le falta una cosa importante para comprarlo sin dudar, y esto es que sea compatible con el renderizador vray, a cientos de personas les interesaría esta opción estoy seguro,
    si logras ésto venderás mucho tu plugin

    Machine traslator:

    download the plugin and it works great, is a big job.

    only lacks one important thing to buy it without hesitation, and this is compatible with the VRay renderer, hundreds of people would be interested in this option I am sure
    If they do so will sell very much for your plugin

  4. Diego,

    You can render the tween frames, one at a time, in V-Ray. But that would be pretty tedious.

    You can't render the animation in batch. This is because V-Ray ignores the layer properties saved on each scene when doing a batch rendering.

    I wrote costumer support at V-Ray about this issue. They said they plan to fix this in the future. You can view the ticket at the URL below.