Keyframe Animation 1.9

In this update the license management system was overhauled and the Internet connection requirement removed.  Here are the main features in Keyframe Animation 1.9:
  • Licensed users can work offline for up to 7 days.
  • The license serial number is now displayed in the About dialog.  This should be useful if you ever lose the original email with the serial number.
  • If you ever wanted to transfer the license -- for example, if you get a new computer -- now you can remove the license from the old computer yourself.
  • In the past, when people upgraded SketchUp, they usually had to register their serial number again.  Now you only need to register the serial number once per computer.  For any future activation, (like when you upgrade SketchUp), you can simply click on the Activate button, which will call the server to find your license status automatically.

The About dialog is the main point of contact between you and the new license management system.  It has details about your activation history, including Free Trial info and License info.  Access to the About dialog is from the menu, Plugins > Keyframe Animation > About.

If there is no license status, then the About dialog displays a text field and a Register button to submit the serial number and register a license.

If you have registered a license, then the About dialog has a Remove License button.  Clicking the button will remove the license from the computer.  You need to remove the license from one computer before you can register it on another computer.

This version uses a different database to track the license information than the previous versions.  So, when you register a license with version 1.9, we will (eventually) deregister it on version 1.8 (i.e. the license can not be operable on both versions).  Basically, you should just upgrade all your computers to v1.9 --  it's free, v1.9 has everything that v1.8 had, plus several new features.

Keyframe Animation 1.9 is available on the Download page.


  1. Hello, I've got a problem with activation on Sketchup 2015 64 bit (Windows 8.1). After pushing "activate" an error "no output config" appears. Possible to solve?

    1. Most likely, it is due to a permissions problem. The script wants to write some output to a file in the Plugins folder, and the system won't let it. The Plugins folder is under C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\, which normally allows scripts read and write privileges.

      If your Plugins folder is not in the default location, then that may be the problem. It may be in a more restricted location that is preventing the script from writing the output.

      Make sure your user account has read and write permission. Or, try logging in as the administrator and see if that works.

      You can contact us, and we can troubleshoot it further.

  2. I found some problems with my license. Last week, I new installed windows but I forgot to remove license from the program. Now, I can't active license because of limit license problem. What should I do to solve it?
    Thank you.

    1. Contact us and we can deregister the computer at this end.